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Aims & Objectives

(i). To protect the orphans, destitute. Provide them religious, modern and technical education and training.
(ii). To conduct and preserve the present institutions namely Dharul Hikam orphanage, Masjid and English Medium school which are under it’s control.
(iii). To provide the religious, modern and technical education and training to other sections of the society as per terms decided by the board of the trust.
(iv). To establish orphanage, schools, Masjid, Madrassa and training institutions to carry out the duties as per para A
(v). To work for the development of the community in the filed of education, culture and economy as per the guidelines of the Samastha Kerala Jam-eyyathul Ulama.


To provide CBSE Education to all the poor and marginalized groups in the Society free of cost and to enable the poor, weaker and marginalized section of the society to undertake CBSE Education which will enhance their future prospects.



Our Vision is to develop motivated, well balanced, and morally sound citizens, who could transform the Society, by providing each student a diverse education that promote self-discipline, sense of responsibility, problem solving skills, global consciousness and excellence in learning.

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